Well, words fail me – I can’t thank Millie enough, the cushion covers themselves are a real work of art, very beautiful indeed, and so very smartly presented in tissue paper. And that bag! Astonishment prevails. Really lovely, with the ribbon as well. Millie is extremely talented.

Ashley Ellison

“Just picked up a fur headband and two collars which Millie created from my Mum’s old fur cape. They are absolutely beautiful and will be worn for many years to come. Thank you so much Millie – it would have made my mother very happy to know that her daughters were going to enjoy her fur cape as much as she did.”

Susie Lorimer

“Millie reinvented my Grandmothers vintage musquash fur coats that had been stored in a wardrobe, unused, for over 4 decades. She created the most fabulous throw which will be used and appreciated by all the family and eventually be passed on to the next generation as a treasured heirloom. She did a fantastic job giving new life to what was redundant clothing. I highly recommend her top quality work.”

Lynne Clutton