“The throw is absolutely stunning, I love how you kept the pattern from the coat. Thanks again!”

Raffaella De Gannaro, 2023

A huge thank you  for doing such a beautiful job with the throw. Looks gorgeous, my wife loves it. It’s going to adorn the back of the sofa in the living room. Great work, much appreciated.

Mark Sanders, 2023

“Millie Scott Studio recently made an amazing fur throw from an old family heirloom. She has so much expertise and respect for vintage fur and it was a pleasure dealing with her on this special commission. It was my husband’s grandmother’s coat, worn at his parent’s wedding in the 1960’s, and has languished in a wardrobe ever since, until I heard about Millie and her recycling service, and now it’s a gorgeous throw, backed with sumptuous velvet, and lives on our sofa.”

Hannah Louise Lamb, 2022

“Thank you so much for your services; you achieved a splendid transformation of what was a not so useful old muff into a fabulous foxy hat that I am going to get a lot of pleasure out of wearing and I can guarantee it will attract many a compliment too… I did have my reservations at first about letting someone snip to pieces such a fine bit of fur, but I could not have given it to a safer nor more skilled pair of hands.”

Octavia Charlesworth, 2022

Well, words fail me – I can’t thank Millie enough, the cushion covers themselves are a real work of art, very beautiful indeed, and so very smartly presented in tissue paper. And that bag! Astonishment prevails. Really lovely, with the ribbon as well. Millie is extremely talented.

Alison Ellison, 2021

“Just picked up a fur headband and two collars which Millie created from my Mum’s old fur cape. They are absolutely beautiful and will be worn for many years to come. Thank you so much Millie – it would have made my mother very happy to know that her daughters were going to enjoy her fur cape as much as she did.”

Susie Lorimer, 2019

“Millie reinvented my Grandmothers vintage musquash fur coats that had been stored in a wardrobe, unused, for over 4 decades. She created the most fabulous throw which will be used and appreciated by all the family and eventually be passed on to the next generation as a treasured heirloom. She did a fantastic job giving new life to what was redundant clothing. I highly recommend her top quality work.”

Lynn Clutton, 2021

“Millie has been so helpful over the years. A few years ago I had bought a mink and astrakan coat. We had an informal family wedding last February and thought a mink headband would be perfect to wear. Millie sourced the exact colour of mink to the coats mink colour and luxuriously lined and padded it to perfection. Needless to say I have had a lot of wear with the coat and band sitting out over winter lockdown!”

Mairi O’Keef, 2021

“When contemplating how best to show off great Auntie Helen’s fur stole – languishing in a cupboard for the best part of 40 years – I had a light bulb moment! Who better to show it off at its sumptuous best than Queen of Upcycling Millie Scott. The result is a high end designer cushion fit for a princess – or in this case a little dutch chair! A unique designer cushion.”

Norma Loudon, 2019