Sustainable Strategy

Being Earth conscious is at the forefront of my business. Here are some of the steps I take to be more environmentally conscious, as well as areas I want to improve on. I am always looking to improve ways in which I can be more Earth friendly so always happy to hear suggestions. My goal is to work towards having a circular business model.


The majority of the fabrics I use are either recycled, offcuts or remnants and they come from local interior shops. This keeps the fabric miles to a minimum and reduces the need to buy new fabric by using fabric already within the loop. When I buy new fabric, I do my best to avoid plastic fibre fabric, and try to buy natural fibre fabric where possible.

Future Goals – By the end of 2021 I will only work with fabric that is either recycled/offcuts or comes from renewable sources.


I keep my bag designs simple, as the fabric tends to be the focal point. I start by looking at fabric combinations and then apply it to a shape, working with the fabric as the starting point enables us to choose the best possible product for the fabric, to ensure it’s being used in the best possible way.

Future Goals – In 2021 I will develop zero waste pattern cutting techniques in order to minimise waste.


As I use a lot of fabric remnants and offcuts to make my products, they are made in very small batches, so there is never a large surplus of product left over if it has gone unsold. All fabric scraps procured during the manufacturing process are divided into two bags. One bag is for larger fabric pieces which are used to repair other items or used to make other products like these patchwork facemasks here. The other bag is for fabric scraps which are not reusable ie too small, in this bag I also put any threads from the sewing room floor and any tiny bits of fabric that are trimmed during manufacturing. All of these scraps and threads get collected by a UK service that has a zero-to-landfill policy, where the fabric scraps are either turned into insulation or are generated into Green energy.


All my accessory samples that aren’t good enough to be sold are either used by me, given as gifts or donated to schools where the material is re used in craft projects. I have been donating my mask samples and ready to purchase masks to various local enterprises which have gone to volunteers or people in need within the community. One of them being The East Lothian Food Bank, the other is Wee Red Upcycles which is a social enterprise in Haddington that helps empower vulnerable adults and young people through craft and creativity.


I use various UK companies for our packaging. The smaller envelopes are by Lil Packaging, these parcels are made using kraft paper, resin based glues and soy based vegetable inks. The larger parcels are made by eco craft, these are made in the UK, using kraft paper (which is a renewable resource), our parcel tape is made from kraft paper and has a natural rubber-based adhesive. All my packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. But of course, it’s much better if you save it and reuse it the next time you need to post something to someone and keep it in the loop. 😊  My business cards and branding paper work is all printed at the local print shop Lothian Printers in Dunbar. I am proud to support local businesses.

Future goals – I will finish my current batch of branded M stickers after which I will replace them with selvedge made ribbon (fabric waste turned into ribbons). I will also be replacing my “address sender” stickers with an ink stamper. (My sticker sheets are backed with plastic sheets so I want to stop using them.)

After Life  

To help people love their clothes and items for longer, I offer an alterations and repairs service. I am always happy to discuss repair techniques,  visible mending is a brilliant way to mend your garments and make a feature out of the mend. If you’d like to see some examples of visible repairs, pop me an email. If you buy a product from me and it needs repaired, please get in touch and I will get it mended for you.